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Predicting Weather in Your Bet

A betting prediction isn’t made right away. Before it can be made, there are lots of aspects need to be considered. One of them is weather.

Weather in Betting Prediction

Yep, you read it. Weather has a role in making a betting prediction. In fact, it can completely change the outcome of any match. That’s why don’t be surprised if I tell you many professional football players hire professional meteorologists to gain the most accurate weather information. Bookmakers, like 188bet Asia, also use this information to create their betting odds.

How much does weather affect a football match?

Pretty much. This is because football is played on a field and most soccer fields today are open field. That means anything that happens in the air directly affects the match.


When the rain falls, for example, it can make the ground more slippery. Therefore, causing the ball to move and slide faster than normal.

If the rain doesn’t stop right away, the field may become a little flooded. This will certainly disrupt ball passes and slow it down. If this happens, it is most likely that the team with better physical shape will win the match. That’s not just it. A slippery terrain may also affect the number of goals scored in each match. Now you know the reason it is very important to know what will exactly happen before the match starts.


Rainfall is not the only thing every bettor should worry about. Wind is the second in the list. It can affect every single thing that moves in the air. That means the ball. This will specially affect teams with long passing skills. The wind can suddenly change the ball movement and make it ‘fly’ to a completely different direction as it should be.


Temperature is also very important in making a football betting prediction. The higher or lower the temperature, the more efforts the team should make to keep the stamina of whole team. During the winter, for example, holding a match is usually avoided due to the snow. If there is too much snow on the field, any match can be cancelled right away because the snow will restrict the players’ movement. If that happens, the postponed match should be replayed, which is not an easy thing to prepare for any team. They must back to the beginning again and be ready for a match, which usually occurs in a few months after the cancelled match.

Bettors and Weather Prediction

In order to win, every bettor should know what will happen during a match, especially the weather. It has to be considered well because it will greatly impact the match. Some studies even reveal in extreme temperature, both teams will most likely score fewer goals. In worst condition, even no one will be able to make a goal.

Finally, it is very important to note that even though predicting the weather is crucial, weather is not the only aspect that impacts a football match. There are plenty others that need your attention. Make sure you have considered them well before making your decision and you will certainly increase your winning chance.